Reviews About Our Occupational Therapy Sessions


Bhagwatprasad M

"Precision Rehab has helped me recover from my Surgery on my wrist and carpal tunnel surgery. The care is remarkable and highly recommend them to everyone"

Yang Y

"I fractured and dislocated my shoulder and John has helped me greatly. I attended therapy 3 times a week and could not have got my shoulder movement back without this specialized"

Hyman, R

"I had Surgery on my hand and can\'t thank the all the therapist at this wonderful site-professionalism and A-1 care"

He, Yiwen

Precision Rehab is the "BEST in the World " I suffered a major fracture of my right arm. I developed a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with severe pain right hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. I am so Thankful.

David, P

I was looking for a neighborhood place and was so glad to find a spacious and clean facility. The therapist utilized the newest equipment and techniques that has helped me greatly with my recovery. The Physical therapist is very professional

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