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Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy

Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapy located in Fresh Meadows, NY & Little Neck, NY

After any type of shoulder surgery, shoulder injury rehabilitation is a critical part of recovery. At Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy in the Fresh Meadows area of Queens, New York City, and Little Neck, New York, the team has extensive experience guiding recovery after all types of shoulder surgery. Book your appointment online or call the office nearest you today.

Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation Q & A

What is shoulder injury rehabilitation?

Shoulder injury rehabilitation is a group of therapy services that help you recover from an injury or chronic pain-causing condition of the shoulder. Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy offers comprehensive shoulder injury rehabilitation services.

The experienced team focuses on restoring your shoulder strength and movement while also taking great care to protect your shoulder as it heals. 

When would I need shoulder injury rehabilitation?

Many shoulder injuries require rehabilitation. If you have a mild-to-moderate shoulder injury or shoulder pain from a chronic condition like arthritis, medical providers usually prescribe a course of rehabilitation before recommending surgery. 

Physical therapy rehabilitation may be as effective as surgery for some types of shoulder injuries, such as partial-thickness rotator cuff tears. In other cases, you may have severe shoulder joint damage requiring a surgical repair. 

If you need shoulder surgery, rehabilitation is always an essential step in your recovery plan. Some of the most common shoulder surgeries requiring rehabilitation include total shoulder replacements, total reverse shoulder replacements, SLAP repairs, labrum repairs, and arthroscopy. 

The bottom line is that whether you need shoulder surgery or not, you need rehab to heal and reclaim normal shoulder function. 

How does shoulder injury rehabilitation work? 

Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy personalizes a shoulder rehab plan for you. Because joint movement is crucial for recovery, you'll begin shoulder rehab almost immediately after your shoulder surgery. 

The exact rehab plan needed depends on what type of surgery you had. 

For example, physical therapy after a minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy usually starts with more active exercises. In contrast, after an open (large incision) shoulder replacement, physical therapy generally begins with more passive activities. 

The team always focuses on restoring your function while also protecting and supporting your shoulder as it heals. They can use custom splinting devices and other protective measures to safeguard your shoulder joint. 

In addition to flexibility and strength-building exercises, the team offers an extensive range of services to encourage healing and reduce pain. These include:

  • Cold therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Low-level laser therapy (super-luminous diodes)
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Transcutaneous electrical stimulation 
  • Russian stimulation
  • Inferential low and medium frequency stimulation 
  • High galvanic stimulation

The team may use hands-on manual therapy to reduce muscle spasms and discomfort, as well. 

At Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy, you’ll receive the best in one-on-one rehab, customized for your nonsurgical or surgical recovery needs. Book your appointment by calling the nearest office or scheduling online today.