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Fractures Specialist

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On average, Americans may have two fractures during their lifetime. At Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy, in the Fresh Meadows area of Queens, New York City, and Little Neck, New York, the fracture rehab experts offer the best in personalized therapy to help you recover while protecting against further fractures. Call the nearest office or schedule a consultation online today.

Fractures Q & A

What are fractures?

Fractures, or bone breaks, are very common injuries in both children and adults. There are hundreds of bones in your body, and any one of them can fracture when met with enough pressure and force. 

Bone fractures most often occur in the clavicle (collarbone), ankle, wrist, hip, arm, and tibia (shinbone). 

There are many forms of fracture, but the two primary categories are nondisplaced and displaced fractures.

Nondisplaced fractures

Nondisplaced fractures occur when your bone breaks in one or more spots, but the bone doesn't move out of position. 

Displaced fractures

Displaced fractures happen when your bone breaks in at least one spot, and then part of the bone shifts out of alignment. 

There are many kinds of fracture patterns within these two categories, such as stress fractures (partial bone cracks) and transverse fractures (right-angle breaks). 

Can a fracture heal naturally?

Some fractures can heal naturally, but even the mildest of fractures generally require medical care. 

After a fracture, your bone is always weaker than it was before, even if it heals perfectly. Rehabilitation can improve your body's bone support system, including muscles and tendons, significantly increasing your protection against future injury. 

How are fractures treated?

Fractures may require surgery, but in some cases, nonsurgical treatment methods, including rest and immobilization, can work quite effectively. No matter which treatment protocol your medical doctor prescribes, you'll likely need rehabilitation. 

Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy tailors your fracture rehabilitation to your needs. Usually, this includes strengthening and flexibility exercises along with endurance and strength training exercises. 

In addition to the exercise part of your rehab, you'll also typically receive noninvasive treatments like cold laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and whirlpool therapy to reduce and manage pain.

In some cases, you may have a sling, cast, or custom splinting device as you recover from a fracture. The rehabilitation specialists can work with your device, making necessary adjustments to help you safely participate in physical therapy. 

Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy provides personalized bone fracture care to guide you through to a safe recovery. Call the office nearest you to book an appointment or schedule online today.