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Pediatric Therapy Specialist

Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy

Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapy located in Fresh Meadows, NY & Little Neck, NY

Pediatric therapy gives your child all the tools they need to move and function at their best. At Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy, in the Fresh Meadows area of Queens, New York City, and Little Neck, New York, the team of esteemed pediatric therapy specialists provides personalized children’s care with an empathetic approach. Call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Pediatric Therapy Q & A

What is pediatric therapy?

Pediatric therapy at Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy focuses on children’s physical health and wellness, with the ultimate goal of improved function. 

The pediatric therapy team, including physical, occupational, and hand therapists, collaborates with medical doctors and other specialists to provide the very best in personalized care for your child. 

When might my child need pediatric therapy?

Your child's medical doctor may recommend pediatric therapy if your child has challenges such as:

  • Unable to perform age-appropriate motor tasks
  • Limited physical function
  • Doesn't meet developmental milestones
  • A condition that prevents total function

Many differently-abled children may benefit from pediatric therapy, including those with congenital disorders, developmental delays, physical disabilities, and other conditions. 

Children who undergo major surgery may also need pediatric therapy to help them return to their full range of normal activity.

Pediatric physical therapy is a big part of injury recovery and sports medicine care for young people. 

When children experience a serious injury, physical therapy helps them improve strength, flexibility, and function while lowering the risk of another injury. Pediatric physical therapy is also vital in terms of injury prevention education. 

What does pediatric therapy consist of?

At Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy, pediatric therapy can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and hand therapy. The exact protocol for your child depends on their specific needs and challenges. 

Usually, a pediatric therapy program includes special exercises to improve flexibility and strength while encouraging optimal physical development. Children can also learn more energy-efficient movement methods to prevent themselves from growing exhausted.  

Strength training often plays a big role in pediatric therapy, as do many other forms of exercise. Children with hand damage or injuries may also need custom splinting. 

Pediatric therapy can also include pain-relieving protocols like therapeutic ultrasound, whirlpool, and other natural methods of reducing inflammation and discomfort. 

The experienced team of therapists understands how to relate to children of all ages. They know that making therapy as fun and relaxing as possible is very important in achieving the best possible results. 

The Precision Rehab Occupational Physical & Hand Therapy team is ready to collaborate with you and your medical doctor to maximize your child's pediatric therapy results. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.